About Us

First and foremost, we are passionate collectors of 20th century art and objects. We have aggressively pursued the passion of collecting for the past 20 years and now intend to add selling to our passion. Yes, we have quit our day job.

We started our collection in 1990. We have traveled the world with one focus. Objects of the century. Our warehouse has thousand of items. The website is intended to give you a small flavor of our collection. On a regular basis we intend to add categories, objects and stuff, and more stuff.

Our collecting has been diverse, but has had some common themes. We are drawn to objects that are either best of class or unique. We enjoy great designers and artists, although we seem to have focused more on decorative arts from Europe with a stronger focus on the 20's and 30's, fine art tends to be American, much of it from the 60's and furniture tends to be focused on American and European designers that have architectural backgrounds, much of it post war. Having said that, we like good design, good art and things that move us. As such, our collection is a collection we would define as “great objects”.

Many of the objects on the website are "Price upon Request". From time to time, we have "Direct Buy" objects for which the price appears online. These objects may be purchased directly by clicking on the object and following the checkout procedure.


info@20thcenturyobjects | 416-617-9119 | Toronto, Canada

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